Q: What is The Bullish Farmer film about?
A: Over a decade ago, John Ubaldo, aka “John Boy,” a successful Wall Street investment banker decided to call it quits. Distraught over the loss of his best friend in the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center, John traded in his high finance career for 185 acres of land on the Battenkill River in Cambridge, NY, to live a quiet life as a small farmer. John wanted to farm the way it was done 100 years ago, raising a variety of livestock and crops. His only goal was to raise delicious and nutritious food for himself and his extended network of family and friends. But John’s dream of living an uncomplicated traditional agrarian life gets complicated when he comes up against Big Agriculture (Big Ag) and realizes that his methods are not in sync with today’s prevailing agricultural methods. John, the very private farmer, becomes a passionate and outspoken activist lobbying for GMO labeling, animal rights, the preservation of crop diversity and the reduction of chemical fertilizers to help preserve small farms and rural America.

Q: When will I get to see the film?
A: We are actively submitting the film to festivals and have had a number of small, local screenings. Once we’ve secured a distribution agreement, the film will be available for purchase (both DVD and digital download). We are also looking into television broadcast.

Q: Can I organize a screening of the film?
A: This is a definite possibility! Please reach out to us via our Contact page, or email thebullishfarmer@gmail.com to discuss.

Q: Is THE BULLISH FARMER going to be available outside the U.S.?
A: If you can help bring THE BULLISH FARMER to your country, please let us know.

Q: What languages will THE BULLISH FARMER be translated into? A: As many as possible.


Q: Is the film appropriate for children?
A: es. The scenes of rural farming and the animals’ activities are universally appealing.

Q: How can I help this film?
A: You can...
● Contribute to the film’s fundraising campaign on Indiegogo to help us with finishing and distribution costs.
● Spread the word! Share clips and images from our website, Facebook and Twitter about the film on your social media accounts.
● Sign up for our e-newsletter to follow our progress.
● Adopt and promote a local farm market and speak out against GMO food.
● Search for and request THE BULLISH FARMER on platforms such as Netflix, iTunes, and Hulu. This increases the likelihood of us ending up on these sites.
● Organize or help promote a local screening for your community.
● Buy and share DVDs with your friends and community.