One of the world’s most inspiring and life-affirming films.
— Kaiser Permanente
Be forewarned: watching The Bullish Farmer may change your life.
— Jennifer Stahlkrantz, editor, Bedford Magazine
“With the beauty of rural upstate New York farmland as a backdrop, The Bullish Farmer offers a knowledgeable immersion in small-scale farming, and raises crucial questions about the ethics of what the government and the agriculture industry are asking us to accept as nutritious food for our families.
— Michael Millius, writer, The Bedford-Pound Ridge Record-Review
John Boy’s ideas on food and farming are what we live by, and we buy his products daily... The Bullish Farmer tells the powerful story of this local hero who deserves followers around the world!
— Lena Olin, actress and Academy Award winner & her husband Lasse Hallström, film director and screenwriter