The Bullish Farmer Editor, Kristen Nutile, Nominated for Academy Award with "Heroin(e)"

We would love to give a special shout out to our very own editor, Kristen Nutile, for her academy award nominated work on the best documentary short nominated, Heroin(e).

Nutile has edited two dozen films (including The Bullish Farmer) in addition to directing six of her own. She is founder of Soft Spoken Films and has an Albert Maysles Award for Excellence in Documentary Filmmaking. 

The Bullish Farmer team could not be happier to congratulate Kristen and "Heroin(e)" on this exciting recognition!

Kristen Nutile, far right, edited  The Bullish Farmer

Kristen Nutile, far right, edited The Bullish Farmer

I choose projects because I am interested in the subject and like to work with great people. Winning awards is never the goal. To be in an Oscar-nominated crew is truly amazing. Ultimately to me, it’s about the work.
— Kristen Nutile

Westchester Magazine Asks a Good Question...


"Would You Leave A Lucrative Wall Street Job to Raise Livestock?"



" ... John Ubaldo wasn’t your typical Wall Street guy. More than a decade ago, the investment banker got a kick out of parking his Ford Bronco in between a Lamborghini and a Ferrari. He wore custom suits and Armani ties but only because a tailor would come to his office — he didn’t like to shop. Already a down-to-earth man, Ubaldo left his successful career after 9/11 to literally be that closer to the earth."

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Three Years Later: A Reflection

Three Years Later: A Reflection

We began shooting THE BULLISH FARMER on this day back in October 2013.  What began as a casual conversation with my friend Ken Marsolais (co-producer) at a local farm market had finally come to fruition. I had never had a burning passion to make a documentary, but the more we listened to John "John Boy" Ubaldo speak about the atrocities of our food system, the more passionate I became about what he was advocating for. It took quite a lot of convincing to get John onboard to tell his story in front of a camera, but once we prevailed, it’s been hard to quiet him down! 

Hard Work & Ingenuity

Hard Work & Ingenuity

As we learned during our shoot, John is farming basically as it was done 100 years ago.  This refers primarily to multi- crop farming, employing methods of simple crop rotation, and growing both food and animals without the use of herbicides, pesticides, growth hormones or genetically modified feed.  We even learned that some degree of weed cover in the cornfield, contrary to being huge concern, can actually keep the soil more moist so it can naturally better withstand periods of drought.