Our First Day of Filming

Photo Aug 21, 7 21 17 AM.jpg

So here I am with "the boys and girls" on the first day of filming THE BULLISH FARMER on John Boy’s farm in upstate New York. I grew up in dairy country in Washington State, so this was a much different experience as these are not just any cows. They are registered Angus cattle and the breed originated in Aberdeen Scotland. I’m not sure when the first one was naturalized as a member of the U.S, but they are clearly part of our American small farm landscape.
We had heard that some of these cows don’t like to be around humans. We also heard how well John Boy treats his animals and, because of that, we saw how gentle these cows have become. In the beginning, they were more comfortable with us then we were with them… and there was no stampede! We actually became used to one another.
John Boy now has 115 of these pedigreed cows on his farm and always tells us, sometimes in detail, when a new one is born. It felt as if the cows knew they were going to be stars in the film ... and they are!
Away we go!


- Ken Marsolais,
Producer & Director